“We Do More”

Some people claim that technology can replace real estate agents for buying a home. Real estate websites and social networks allow rapid access to information about properties, from which a consumer can narrow their search. But are the properties actually what they look like in professionally enhanced photos? Are there mechanical problems? What will be revealed when the snow melts or the rain starts? 

A website cannot replace an experienced real estate professional who has seen thousands of properties, and will point out the good and the bad.  And guide you through the maze of regulations and paperwork to a close. 

If you are selling you can advertise your home on social sites, but who is going to prepare legal documents, hold Open Houses, negotiate with buyers and arrange for closing? Websites can’t do that. Consumers need real estate professionals.

That’s us – Team Erickson Realtors. We do more than websites. Kathleen and Larry Erickson are dedicated to helping our real estate clients live where they can best enjoy their stage of life. That could mean selling a home that is too small for a growing family, too large for an empty nest, or buying a home that is “just right” for their life style.  We take time to understand our clients’ needs and wants, and do whatever it takes to ensure best price, best terms and least disruption. “We do more.”

We have personally bought, sold and lived in single family homes, apartments and townhouses in rural, suburban and city center locations. We have empathy for our buyers and sellers.  We’ve been there! 

Larry’s knowledge of laws, financing and negotiations, and Kathleen’s experience in interior design and customer service make Team Erickson your preferred choice.

“We Do More”

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