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Renting vs. Buying is a BIG Decision...

Things to consider

  1. The stability of your financial situation
  2. Location
  3. Are you willing to maintain the home?
  4. Consider the costs for repairs and maintenance


  • Less maintenance
  • More flexibility to move
  • May have rent increases
  • Loud neighbors
  • Bad Landlord
  • Not Building Equity
  • No freedom to renovate

Sometimes renting is the best option for the city you live in, your job status, or your financial situation. Reasons you may consider renting are because

  • Rent may be cheaper than that of a mortgage payment
  • You are paying off debt and saving for a downpayment
  • You dont see yourself in that same city for more than 3 years
  • Your job requires for you to move around
  • You need more time to make a PLAN

Are you Ready to Buy?

Do you have...

  • An emergency fund/extra savings for unexpected expenses

Have you...

  • Started saving for a down payment


  • More Privacy
  • Equity
  • Expensive repairs
  • Taxes, interset, and insurance
  • Appreciation value
  • Freedom to renovate
  • More difficlut to relocate

Pros of OWNING

  1. Stability

You no longer have to rely on your landlord to decide your fate. If you choose a fixed rate mortgage you don't have to worry about rising payments or moving on your landlord's timeline.

  1. Good for Families

A house has the potential to grow into; providing a space for family, friends, and possibly children. 

  1. Community

Homeowners usually reside in their space longer than renters. As a homeowner you become part of a community and get to know your neighbors. You take pride in owning your home!

  1. Your Own Space

No more rules and regulations that are set by your landlord! You can make your home your own style, create your own rules, and have your own space to do whatever you desire.