Senior Care and Services Links

Many older adults are unaware of the various care options and programs that can help them maintain their independence and quality of life. To bridge this gap, the Senior Advice organization has created free resources offering comprehensive information on topics such as financial support and in-home care options available in Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

Some more Helpful resources

Senior Living/Community Options

How to find the right senior community

  1. Walkability
  2. Public Safety
  3. Public Transportation
  4. Accessible Amenities
  5. Healthcare
  6. Support Services
  7. Social Amenities
  8. Airport Accessibility

Senior Apartments

Senior aparments are multi-unit apartments that are commonly only for rent. Senior apartments normally do not come with any level of care, unless arranged separately. Senior aparments have a community atmosphere, many have access to clubhouses, fitness centers, social activities and specifically designed to accomidate seniors needs.

Active Adult Senior Retirement Homes and Community

Retirement communities can include single fmaily homes, townhomes and condos. Typically these housing options are for sale but some can also be rented. The cost for a retirement community varies greatly, considering the type of property, HOA fees, and possible upfront buy-in. Senior communityies do not provide senior care through the association. Retirement communities come with a multitude of amenities; take this into consideration when looking at community options.

Assisted Living

Residents live in there own apartments but have access to on-site staff to assist in medical care, meal service in community dining room, and pre-planned activities. Levels of care for assisted living can vary, from on-site staff help, daily assistance, nurses, and extensive medical care.

Continuing Care Retirement Community

This type of senior care option, provides progressive medical care depending on the residents needs. Residents can change the type of care provided without needing to move residencies.

Financial Assistance + Programs

SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist) will guide you through all the local, government, and private financial programs to help with financial relief. Your SRES will understand your financial situation and provide recommendations for the best financial decisions.

 **if you would like to know a little more about SRES give the linked video a watch. below is also a useful check list that can be used to find your perfect "Aging In Place"